Make money online fastMaking money online fast and ethically is the dream of millions of people. Some succeed so you know it’s achievable, but many, more fail.

People will tell you that to make money online you need a seemingly huge array of skills and knowledge: –

-building and maintaining blogs or websites

-search engine optimisation

-quality content writing


-social media marketing

-video creation

-list creation and management

-time management

-traffic generation

People set about learning all this stuff and give up on their dream of making money online before they see a cent because it’s just too time consuming and too hard.

Yes all those skills are useful and some of them are necessary to build a sound online business in the longterm but if you really want to make money online fast you can get around most of them.

You can focus on just 2 two things to get you making money quickly and then start learning the rest.

There is nothing more motivating than seeing some success early on. So what are the two things you can do to make money online fast?

  1. Buy the best readymade, lucrative product you can afford.
  2. Concentrate on driving traffic to promote it that product

What is a QualityReadymade Lucrative product?

Well it’s created by someone who has good credibility. The Internet is a very informative place, but it’s still difficult to find out whether someone is credible or not. Some of the most dubious characters have lawyers protecting their “good names” and disappear anything negative written about them with threats from lawyers. Be extremely careful before laying out significant money. If there’s a sales funnel start off with the lower priced options while you get a feel for what the person behind it is really like.

The product you choose to promote needs to have a reasonably high price tag, or at least the potential for a reasonably high price tag.

I’ll get into this potential price tag in more detail soon but first lets look at why there’s no point going after only pennies. To start making money online fast you will have to use paid advertising, unless of course you have a huge bunch of friends you’re excited about hitting up to buy your product. If you aren’t able to earn good money from your product your product won’t support the cost of the generating the traffic. Paid traffic costs you money. So-called free traffic costs you time. There is no such thing as free traffic.

Quality lucrative products generally come in the form of a sales funnel. Personally I don’t know if this is such a great name for what you’re trying to achieve but it is what it is.

The idea is that the product starts off where lots of people are attracted to it and can afford it. This get’s them interested and into your funnel. They are then offered more expensive, often time sensitive offers with more value. Often the extra value reduces the time they will have to spend marketing the product, or gives them more support.

This is what I meant before when I said “potentially high priced”. With funnel systems your sales are spread depending on your customers needs and resources.

Lots of affiliate products are sold via a sales funnel but to make money online fast look for a great product.

Why do you want to make money online?

  • Are you in dire straights and need cash urgently
  • Is it to make some extra money to supplement your income
  • Or are you in it for the long haul and do you want to create an online business?

If you need to make some money fast and you have no established internet presence there are probably faster, easier and more reliable ways to make money than the Internet.

Don’t be fooled by the “just look over my shoulder and do what I do,” products that seem to be everywhere at the moment. It’s a very nice dream but would you consider building a house that way? How about major repairs to your car? It basically cannot be done under normal circumstances. Trust me, you will end up hopping from one product to the next shelling out money and feeling like a failure when i’s really the idea that is flawed not you.

Making money online is as much  about you than any product, idea or mentor. What do you bring to the table? What skills, interests, talents or knowledge do you have that you could use to make money online? The Internet doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Quite the contrary – the Internet is a very complex web and if you want to make money in it you need to find places where you can fit.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?
-Do you know your way around the Internet pretty well?
-Can you write?
-How is your English?
-Can you sell?
-Are you cute?
-Do you have a major interest that you could leverage; for example World of Warcraft, golf or cycling?
-How much time do you have to devote to it?
-How much money do you have to invest in it?

The answers you come up with should help you see a direction you can take and some places to start; for example if you’re great with video You Tube would be a good place to start.

Now, how fast is fast for you – by half-past-six this evening, a few days, a month, maybe six months? Unless you already have a number of the skills you’ll need under your belt and a bucket load of spare time your road to success is going to occur over months rather than hours, days or even weeks. This is still fast in terms of seeing a new business become profitable.

You can pick up these skills gradually over time from a variety of places. If you want to speed up the process you can subscribe to a membership site that specialises in teaching you all the skills you’ll need in one place and creates a community around you for support and networking.  You can click here check out the best of these and hang out with me here if this sounds like the go for you.

But the fastest way to make money online is this quality, lucrative product that is a done-for-you system which requires you to just focus on one thing and that’s generating traffic. Beware: it isn’t as easy as you may think and unless you have a big network already in place you are going to have to pay for traffic and that can get scary. This option isn’t for the faint hearted.


To your success 🙂