My list of the Resources for Internet MarketingOne of the best pieces of advice I ever received about Internet Marketing is being prepared to invest in your business. There are generally three ways you can do this:

  • Purchase the best value, highest quality Internet marketing resources you can afford to increase your knowledge and improve your productivity
  • Advertise
  • Pay for mentoring

Internet Marketing may have a low financial entry threshold in comparison to other businesses,  but it doesn’t have a zero financial entry threshold. Of course you can get a lot of stuff for free, but being prepared to invest in quality resources for your business is an important principle that you will find all highly successful operators adhere to.

This section of my site is where  I share with you all the Internet marketing resources that I’ve found immensely useful in my journey. It’s by no means complete because just like you I’m still learning and I’m still investing in my business.

Writing Productivity Challenge

SEO Training and ConsultingTo be successful with Internet Marketing you need
to be able to write quickly and professionally.
I’ve written for a living but I’m doing this challenge myself because I know how critical
up-skilling in this area will be for my business in

Even if you only write to map out power points, blog posts and video scripts you need this.

My friend Tiffany Lambert
is the most authentic, successful,
hard working Internet Marketer I know.

And don’t get caught up in any nonsense about easy, done-for-you schemes that will get you rich quick on the Internet. Any sales pitch like that is at best chocolate covered broccoli (an attractive way  to draw you into the good stuff), or at worst, a scam.

Internet marketing is just like any other business; sure you can probably ease up once you’ve put in all the ground work and you’re successful, but it takes a lot of hard work in the beginning.

Tiffany Lambert makes a solid six figure income
each year, supporting three young adult
kids, largely on her own.

She also does things a little differently
from other marketers however. She doesn’t
just create products that can sit on your
hard drive gathering dust, she creates

Challenges, where she gives you
a video and pdf every day while you work through
the lessons together and create your own material.

It’s a effective and fun  way to learn!

Her first challenge for 2017 is a Writing Productivity
challenge, and it is ongoing so you can start anytime.

Here are just some of the reasons that you need this.

Writing Content For SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

If you want your website to rank well with search engines it has to do two things:

  • Contain refresh, high quality, unique content on a regular basis
  • Attractive high levels of engagement, which means you have to go outside of your site to draw people into it, aka generating traffic. There are a number of ways you can do this but the bottom line always comes back to writing in some capacity.

Email Lists

How to get traffic to your website for freeBuilding a list of customers is crucial for your business. If you don’t believe me  check out any successful operator, they all want you to sign up to their list. Again there are two components to this:

  • List building, getting people onto your list
  • List management, keeping them there.

Both require some form of written work and organisation.  There are a few ways to build a list and most people use all of them, especially in the beginning.

  • Simply asking people to sign up for regular newsletters or alerts to blog posts
  • Giving away something of value in return for an email address. If it will work for your niche you can download and use my lead magnet: Your Unique Productivity Blueprint.
  • Paying someone else to get people to sign onto your list (solo ads)
  • Creating products that automatically put anyone who buys that product onto your list whether directly or via an affiliate.

And of course once you have someone on your list you need to focus on keeping them there, if they’re your target customer.  Again this requires a lot of regular, high quality communication. Your list building activities need to continue as well because people will always be unsubscribing.

Bonus Material

Affiliate marketing is incredibly competitive and customers are becoming more and more discerning. They generally know that you will be receiving commission if they buy through your link and they want to get as much value out of their purchase as possible. That’s a smart buyer right? That’s someone you want as a regular customer.

The downside of it is that to remain competitive and to compete with the big guys you need to create a bonus for customers who buy through your link.

You guessed it …. this can require even more writing.

Product Creation

Internet Marketing DispairPlease don’t throw your hands up in horror and run for the hills just yet!! I know, affiliate marketing is all about selling other people’s products. You think you don’t need this, I didn’t either and that’s one of the biggest mistakes you can make in this business.

Initially I thought I could  just focus on driving traffic to affiliate products. There are great products out there, why re-invent the wheel? I only had so many hours available so I figured to use it to generate traffic was a wise move.


Look at all the successful operators, they all create their own products as well as promoting other peoples. They don’t do this for the fun of it, if they could just drive traffic to other people’s products  they probably would.

When you create an affiliate product yourself you also build your list, every time someone buys that product. Therefore it’s an important income stream and an ongoing list building strategy.

Electronic products, or even membership sites require you to create content quickly and professionally.

Your Special Bonus!!

I walk my talk so if you buy into Tiff’s Writing Productivity Challenge from here, for a limited time, I will give you FREE editing of any work you create during the duration of your 4-week challenge. I’ve written, ebooks, course material for training organisations and a host of other stuff. I also have an Advanced Diploma in Creative Writing, so I know how to write well. Tiff knows how to write and research speedily. Between the two us we will get you producing material like the professional Internet Marketer you want to be.

Do you see the great big button you can’t possible miss? Click it, to find out more and get on board to gain the writing skills you’ll need to succeed in this business!!