Writing Productivity Challenge

Writing Productivity Challenge

To be full time online with Internet Marketing you need
 to be able to write quickly and professionally.
 I’ve written for a living but I’ll still be doing this 
challenge myself because I know how critical
 up skilling in this area will be for my business in 

Even if you only write to map out power points, posts, products and videos you need to be able to structure, write and research quickly and well.

In the words of Tina Turner, you don’y need another hero (Guru) …
But you might just need this!
My friend Tiffany Lambert 
is the most authentic, successful, 
hard working  and prolific Internet Marketer I know. She makes a solid six figure income
 each year, supporting three young adult
 kids, largely on her own.

She also does things a little differently
 from other marketers. She doesn’t 
just create products that can sit on your
 hard drive gathering dust, she creates 
challenges. She gives you
 a video and tasks to do every day while you work through 
the material together. It’s a great way to learn.
Her first challenge for 2017 is a Writing Productivity
 Challenge.SEO Training and Consulting
To be successful with Internet Marketing you need
 to be able to write quickly and professionally.
 I’ve written for a living but I’m still doing this 
challenge myself because I know how critical
 up-skilling in this area is.

And….. here’s what the Gurus often neglect to tell you when they suggest you can make it big, promoting their products, while you only need to drive traffic.

Whenever you create a product with JV Zoo, anyone signing up is automatically added to your email list of subscribers. Yep, that’s right, so every time you promote someone else’s product you are adding someone to their email list. You need a piece of that action my friend! And  for that you need to be able to create good products quickly.

BonusesCreate Bonuses

Oh and here’s just one more thing, you need do, create bonuses.


bonuses: –

  • Help seal a deal and and help procrastinating prospects to take action;
  • Incentivise a prospect to buy a product through your affiliate link rather than somewhere else, where they may get a bonus, or directly from the vendor;
  • Create a bit of pressure to buy now. With bonuses you can create some pressure/excitement by having your bonus disappear after a few days. This may not sound particularly ethical but it’s sound marketing practice. We’re in a hugely competitive market and if you don’t create some tension around the sale you’re trying to make, your prospect may move on to something else that’s more exciting and time sensitive.
  • Creating good quality bonuses helps build your brand. Sure you can buy cheap PLR bonuses to give away that have been around the block a million times, but if you’re doing this you’re losing an opportunity to  build trust and a perception of quality around your brand.

So what’s you’re bonus for signing on to this Writing Productivity Challenge. Well at the time of writing this page I don’t have a relevant bonus to give you so I’m doing something that you can also use as a bonus.

Here it is…..drum roll…..

If you sign up for Tiff’s Writing Productivity Challenge through the link below, I will personally give you editing and feedback support for your writing, during the duration of the course. This way you get both you’re writing bases covered: speed with Tiff and quality with me. I will only be doing this while I’m doing the challenge, because after that I will have a bonus to go along with it and this offer will be removed.

So here’s the link to Tiff’s page for more details on exactly what you’ll learn doing her challenge. Click here and if you’re up for her challenge email your receipt to me using my Contact Form and I’ll personally give you feedback and editing on the writing work you do during the course of the challenge. That’s on top of the help that Tiff will give you.  And the great news is that this challenge can be started at ANY TIME, it’s ongoing and you can start whenever works for you.

Thanks for reading