Why would you want free time management templates (plural), when all you really need is the ultimate time management template?

I believe I’ve created the ultimate time management template and I’ve called it Your Unique Productivity Blueprint. You can download this by putting your details in the form below. I’ve given you an rtf version of the document so you can customise it, record your own information in it and even use it as a lead magnet on your own website if you want to. After all isn’t time management something that affects most people today?

Time management and productivity are not one-size-fits-all concepts. Your Unique Productivity Blueprint goes further than other time management templates because it walks you through an analysis of what works best for you. Are you an owl or a lark? What things support your productivity and what things wreck it? Why do you even need to maximise your productivity and manage your time effectively? What will this give you?

Your Unique Productivity Blueprint is about getting present and becoming aware of how you work well, what stops you from working well and what motivates you. Time is money and there are only so many hours a day that are available to do the work you need or want to. Each wasted minute is a lost opportunity to create the future you want.

It might be a cliché but time really is our most valuable resource. The trouble is because we are literally swimming around in time, all the time, we forget just how precious it is. Terminally ill people become very aware of the value of time because they are suddenly focused on the remaining time they have left in this world.

Bringing awareness to the value of time is a great way to become more productive and to enjoy the journey, but how can you remain aware of the preciousness of time?

  • By writing down all the things you want achieve, both long term and short term.
  • Imbue something with your intention to remember the importance of time. A special candle, a bracelet or even some sort of visual representation of what you’re trying to achieve, like a vision board.
  • Don’t take anything, or anyone in your life for granted. Nothing is more certain in life than change. Practice gratitude everyday.
  • Set an intention to make everyday the best it can possibly be, whatever happens.
  • Don’t dwell on things that prevent you from doing what you intended. You can’t control everything, in fact the only thing you can ever really control is yourself. Left to their own devices, things tend to resolve themselves, you come up with a solution or a solution presents itself. Work around obstacles so you’re still being productive even if it might not be in the way you intended. Life is too short to allow yourself to be stuck for any length of time.

Productivity and time management come down to the choices we make in the work we focus on as well as the energy and creativity we bring to the table. I hope you choose to download the blueprint and use it, either for yourself or as a marketing tool to help you build a list of potential customers.


To your success