How to get Traffic to your Website for Free

Having a website is an important foundation for any business but it won’t provide you with any income unless you can get traffic to it. Learning how to get free Facebook traffic to your website is an important business strategy.

For Internet businesses getting free traffic is the first real obstacle to building an income. Paid traffic is expensive so it’s important to learn how to get traffic to your website for free.

Facebook can be a great source of both paid and free traffic but they don’t make it easy for Internet Marketers.

But How to Get Free Facebook Traffic?

The most important things to remember when you’re trying to  build  a following on Facebook are: Value, Interaction and Personality. You must provide value in some posts, interaction with other people’s posts and wrap it all up with a personal slant, because social media is supposed to be social.  People are much more likely to buy from you if you let them get to know and like you first.

How to get traffic to your website for freeThis might sound obvious but it’s amazing how many people think they can just promote their material and Facebook will magically do the rest.

Facebook doesn’t like to Leak Traffic

…or so says a rather dubious but highly successful Internet big wig. Facebook is a great platform but apparently they hate letting traffic leak outside of Facebook. We all know not to put affiliate links into Facebook posts but Facebook may actually penalise any kind of link that leads readers away from Facebook and towards their website.

There is the possibility that Facebook only broadcasts these linked posts to a fraction of your followers. You can get around it by identifying your website without a direct link, eg. adding a space to your url and telling people to remove it when copying it and pasting it into your browser, or adding your link into comments.

While Facebook claims it doesn’t penalise pages that don’t place pay-for-play ads, the organic reach of pages on Facebook has dropped 20 percent. Companies have had to increase advertising to keep up the level of reach they were getting a few years ago.

Facebook Loves Engagement

Calls to action are are a must if you want to get attention on Facebook because Facebook rewards engagement, i.e. tags, comments and shares. Ask questions, be a bit controversial so that people are prompted to write something, and remind people to comment.

If you happen to get some great engagement with a post be sure to follow it up with another post quickly.  Facebook rewards posts with high engagement by ranking subsequent posts highly. The opposite is also true if you post lots of low quality material that doesn’t get any engagement.  It’s much better to concentrate on a few awesome posts than lots of low-engagement ones, until you build a reasonable following.

One kind of engagement you don’t want is to be reported for spammy posts. Treat Facebook as if it’s one gigantic playground. Etiquette is important; tagging people arbitrarily, asking them to promote you, only promoting your products etc. will not get you many friends or followers, which is what you want if you want free traffic.

Know Your Friends and Fans

Know when your people are most likely to be up for some engagement, and if you can, when competition might be lower. If you’re trying to promote a page rather than a personal profile, posting outside of business hours, when your peeps are free and companies are more likely to be offline, could be a useful way of getting some free traffic.

Don’t rely on just a core group of followers to engage with your content. If most of the engagement on your page comes from too small a group of fans this will work against your page.

By posting a range of interesting, helpful and amusing  content, not just promotions,  your fans will be more likely to share your content, your reach will grow and you’ll get more traffic to your page as well as your website.

Don’t Be Tempted to Use Third Party Software

Although Facebook has denied it, studies have shown that content posted through scheduling services like Viral Heat, Sprout Social, Hootsuite etc.  is  less favourable to Facebook than directly posted content..

Be Careful Out There!

You violate Facebook rules at your peril. Some dubious marketers recommend practices like setting up a specific profile page specifically for marketing. You really have to watch marketers like this, because I’ve also heard one of them them admit to having had his accounts cancelled numerous times by Facebook over the years.

Setting up a personal profile when it’s actually a thinly disguised business page,  is a violation of Facebook rules and you risk finding yourself minus your Facebook account.

Watch the amount of time you spend on Facebook, it can reduce your productivity if you’re not careful and the time you spend on it won’t be worth the traffic you create. As well as creating good content dip in and out throughout your day, using it as a break from your other more taxing work.

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