work from homeSo you’re serious about learning to make money from home?

I hate sites that don’t deliver what they promise so here you are;  6 ways to make money from home.

1. Online marketing

Personally I love the idea of working from home, being my own boss and building a business that will see me through the rest of my life.

I love to write but I don’t necessarily love to write what other people want me to, or are willing to pay for.  Online marketing enables me to build myself a business in which I can use my writing to solve one of the biggest problems people have: creating a business that’s low risk, requires little capital and virtually anyone can do from anywhere.


  • There’s too much information out there that’s not particularly helpful
  • It’s highly competitive and unless you’re prepared to work smart as well as hard you’ll burn out fast
  • It can be lonely working from behind a computer. You need support and the best community you can find
  • While it’s low capital it’s not no capital. To be successful you’ll need to treat it like a business and be prepared to invest wisely
  • There may be a big learning curve for you, depending on your current skill set
  • It’s not a quick fix, it takes time to build before you see any money


  • You can build a business on your own terms with comparatively a comparatively small financial investment
  • You can use small amounts of time where and when you are able and increase this once you start making money and can reduce other work commitments
  • You can build a business that eventually does not require you to work on it all the time
  • You can build scalable recurring income
  • You can work from anywhere there is good internet connection


2. Online surveys

These are a popular way to make a bit of extra cash online. You simply register and go from there. You will find a heap by searching “online surveys” in Google.


  • More often than not you will be earning product credits rather than cash
  • You seem to have a lot better chance of getting good survey opportunities if you live in a wealthy, highly populated country, e.g. the US. I live in Australia and the opportunities I found were not worth pursuing.
  • You may have to download gaming, betting or other kinds of software onto your computer


  • Virtually anyone can do this if you have a computer and internet connection
  • Theoretically there is no limit to the work available if you are willing to sign up with a few different sites
  • There is usually little or no investment, although some gigs require you to buy products (watch these, I wouldn’t go there)

3. Fiverr.comMake Money From Home

If you can create some kind of digital product, that you can deliver very quickly without having to do much individual work, fiverr can be a good business opportunity, especially if you are living with a currency that is worth less than US dollars. You can also offer services like editing, creating landing pages, banners etc.

You set up a profile outlining what you are offering. It’s probably a good idea if you can get some friends to try out your offering and leave great feedback. You can also set up bundled products and services for more than a fiverr and if people love your work they can leave you a tip.


  • It can be slow to get work because there is a lot of competition
  • Be careful not to commit yourself to something that will take you a lot of time because you may earn less than $5US for each job.
  • You are reliant on people selecting you
  • Deadlines are tight


  • You can create a business around work you enjoy
  • You are your own boss
  • You may be able to transfer clients out of Fiverr and into becoming better paying clients for you
  • You can upsize your offers so that you are earning more the $5 per gig

4. Freelancing

If you have skills such as writing, editing, web design, copywriting, graphic design etc. You can get work by creating a profile on one of many freelancing sites and bidding for jobs. This is a good way to make extra money, but the rates are not particularly high so again it is better for people living with a currency that is lower than the US. I’ve worked with Guru and made some reasonable money.


  • You generally have to spend a lot of unpaid time searching and creating proposals
  • The income you make is completely dependent on you winning jobs


  • Freelance sites are a great way of getting new clients
  • You can build skills doing work that you enjoy
  • You can start off bidding low and increase your bids as you build credibility with testimonials
  • You can outsource once you start getting work, this is probably the best way to make money because rates are quite low and expectations high


5. Minding dogs, cats and young childrenMinding young children from home

In most jurisdictions you can look after other peoples’ animals in your home while they are away. You can also mind them in their homes, but you will have to leave yours temporarily to do so. You can market your service various ways, e.g. flyers, noticeboards, local Facebook pages, word of mouth etc.

You can also look after young children while their parents work or do what they need to do, but for children there are lots of regulations regarding the environment in which you are going to provide this service and also qualifications you may need to have. Your local council should be able to set you straight regarding the regulations in your area. It’s probably not a good idea to try and combine caring for both animals and young children, at least not at the same time. 🙂


  • Your home may not feel like yours anymore if you have it jam-packed with other people’s animals or kids
  • They can make a lot of mess


  • If you have the qualifications you need and the right kind of environment you can make a good living looking after children in your own home.
  • The work might not be easy but if you have a genuine love of young children you are still your own boss and the work is very tax advantageous because a large part of your home and utilities become tax deductible.
  • If you have your own young children you are creating a business that involves them and get to be with them while you work.

6. Working from home for someone else

It might sound obvious but don’t overlook checking out the online employment sites for jobs that involve working from home. You can set up alerts for remote jobs and sit back and wait for them to roll on in.


So there should be something that lights your fire in that lot. But if you’re really serious about making a great full time income from home and being your own boss my best recommendation is to click the banner in the sidebar. Hand on heart, It’s the best place to start learning how to make an income from home using the Internet.

Even if you don’t want to be an affiliate marketer you will learn everything you need to about promoting yourself and your business online in a safe and supportive environment. I’m a member myself and will be happy to give you additional support from the inside. There’s absolutely no risk because you can try it out for free (including their super easy website building tool) and no one is going to hassle you.